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Cars driving around a roundabout

Round and Round

Approaching a traffic roundabout can conjure up consternation among motorists. “Which lane do I need to be in?” “Do I need to stop?” “Do I need to yield?”

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graphic of eye

Eye Excellence

To establish a visual-sciences Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, WVU received an $11-million collaborative grant from the National Eye Institute.

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Mother and Son smiling in graduation attire

Like Mother, Like Son

Commencement is always an exciting time for students graduating, but for mother and son Drs. Aisha Rizwan and Umer Rizwan, the 2022 May Commencement provided a moment they will never forget.

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Smiling man with gray hair, pointing his finger

Basketball Legend

Congratulations to Bob Huggins who joined the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2022.

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Smiling woman with a coon-skinned and and rifle

Mary G. Roush

The decision on who would be the 68th Mountaineer was a historic one: Mary G. Roush is the third woman and the first freshman to be named the Mountaineer Mascot.

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Smiling man with brown hair, waving his arm

Mike Carey

WVU women’s basketball coach Mike Carey announced his retirement after 21 years of leading Mountaineers to success.

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Smiling woman with brown hair

Viral Advocate

A pre-nursing student whose TikTok account has amassed over 3 million followers, Baylen Dupree, took her message to a popular talk show.

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Smiling woman with glasses and brown hair

The New School

Internationally-known expert in educational leadership and interdisciplinary transformations, Autumn Tooms Cyprès, has been named founding dean of WVU’s College of Applied Human Sciences.

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Man smiling with TV on his head

The Funny Professor

Despite the popular cliché, sitting in front of the TV may not rot the brain. For Jay Malarcher, associate professor of theatre history and criticism, consuming episodes of classic TV sitcoms helped him launch and maintain a career in researching television and comedy at the intersection of real life. Malarcher has published a book, “The Classically American Comedy of Larry Gelbart” and served a Fulbright lectureship teaching American comedy as a cultural mirror in Croatia.

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Woman with brown hair smiling

Mind Over Muscle

The Sweet Spot. Stress is key to a good workout. But overexercising and overtraining are real risks.

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A smiling man with glasses and blue shirt

Weathering the Solar Storms

In the next decade, humans are preparing to blanket the most accessible little slice of the cosmos — low Earth orbit — with more than 50,000 satellites, a more than 25-fold increase. Safe and sustainable space operations in this crowded domain require reckoning with a challenging, yet largely unexplored, phenomenon called space weather.

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Man smiling in U.S. Army uniform

Successors: Not A Hero

Lt. Col. Matthew Moser, MS ’98, PhD ’02, is not a hero. At least, that’s not how he would describe himself.

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TRUTH (text) on burning paper background

When The Smoke Clears

Slapped with a life sentence for murder, one man fights to prove his innocence with help from WVU law and forensic science experts.

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Tablet being held with a man smiling

Purpose By Design

An associate professor in WVU’s School of Art and Design takes on social issues with emerging technology.

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Ten Years graphic

Ten Years. One Team, Hundreds of Communities

Over the past 10 years, the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute, housed at West Virginia University, has grown from a “seed” of possibility to an “amazing tree” of innovation, outreach and service. The decade to come promises to be even more fruitful.

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Smiling woman playing the guitar

A Sound Prescription

Hannah Bush’s sweet voice fills a small room as it softly registers just above the acoustic guitar she plays; the rhythm underneath not a drum or a tambourine, but the steady beeping of a ventilator and other medical machines. Her audience of one will never applaud, but Bush will have the research-based knowledge that the little girl’s blood pressure has been reduced and so has her rapid heart rate — effects that will last after the music stops.

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Two men using software to control robot

Reinventing the Steel

Say "Hello" to Humanity's New Best Friend

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