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Where We Go From Here

Changing culture is never easy but sometimes necessary. Read how Mountaineers are approaching the need for change.

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No Fear of Physics

Physicist Alan Bristow answers our pressing questions on the future of technology and tells why we shouldn’t be scared of physics.

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Jason Zuccari

The Leap of a Lifetime

The Young Alums spotlight this issue is on Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari, the creators of the Bubblews social network that is getting attention across the tech and business worlds.

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Bruce square photo

A degree of dedication: Super Bowl champ Irvin comes home to graduate at WVU

Super Bowl champion. Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee. Graduate of the West Virginia University Class of 2018. As might read the resume of Bruce Irvin.

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Farewell to Jay

In this Q&A Sen. Jay Rockefeller remembers the time he was booed on Mountaineer field and other tales.

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