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Classical painting of man taking a plant material from a woman.

Big Green Data

Botanicals have been used throughout history in human culture from spirituality to health.

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Sketch of pitcher preparing to throw ball.

The Physics of Baseball

As you root, root, root for the home team, take a look at how America’s pastime actually works.

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Digitized photo of a man looking at a screen.

Hacked Off

WVU aims to fill the cybersecurity gap with a noble kind of keyboard warrior.

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Suzanne Weise and Pat McGinley stand in the law library at WVU.

Unmasking the Enterprise of Death

What started as a phone call from a reporter in West Virginia turned into a years-long legal investigation tracing opioid pills across the country.

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Closeup of Gerod Buckhalter.

Life Reclamation

Gerod Buckhalter had tried everything to get sober. Then he was offered another chance with a brain surgery.

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Duncan Lorimer and Maura McLaughlin among spinning lights.

A Celestial Heavyweight

Maura McLaughlin and Duncan Lorimer look for a kind of star called a pulsar. Here's how they found the most massive pulsar recorded so far.

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Jim Kutsch and guide dog taken at The Seeing Eye.

Blind Ambition

Jim Kutsch lost his sight from a fireworks explosion when he was a teenager. He still became an engineer and created a reading technology for blind people.

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Colleen Moretz with dresses.

The Fashion Designer

Colleen Moretz started in fashion by making clothes for her Barbie dolls. Now she’s working with industry to create a standard for clothing sustainability.

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