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Michelangelo's Handwriting

Bob Tallaksen teaches students to study human lungs and hearts via X-ray, CT scan and MRI. In his spare time, he studies other images, namely handwriting from the medieval period to the Renaissance.

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Marissa Angellatta rides the zipline at WVU.

Ride Our Zipline

WVU started the nation’s first zip canopy tour operated by a university. Get to know the canopy tour from two of our tour guides.

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Authoritarian America

Sociologist Joshua Woods examines how the post-9/11 world has leaned America toward authoritarianism.

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Ghostly girl spins in her party dress at Stewart Hall.

Flashback - Haunted Halls

If you were to walk the WVU campus in the fall, you might get involved in a haunting. Meet the ghostly visitors we caught on camera.

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