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How An Olympian Shoots

See what it takes for rifle champion Ginny Thrasher to make the shot for Olympic gold.

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A cancer cell.

In the Path of Cancer

At WVU, one scientist may be on the verge of discovering the ultimate weapon against a deadly form of breast cancer.

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A New Kind of Mining

Elements that help power everything from the smartphone in your pocket to the nation's missile guidance system could come from an unlikely Appalachian source — acid mine drainage sludge.

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History in Plants

The herbarium in the Life Sciences Building is like an encyclopedia of plants that were once alive.

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Ben Hero Image

Rebirth in the Mountains

West Virginia is looking for additional industry sources — and alumnus Ben Gilmer is using old coal mines to jumpstart new jobs.

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Ed Etzel

Sports Ethics - An Oxymoron?

Edward Etzel, director of the Russell "Bud" Bolton Center for Sports Ethics at WVU, examines the changing culture of sports and its erosion of ethics.

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Keith Bowers

Restoring the Planet

Keith Bowers, BS '82, Landscape Architecture, is on a quest to restore the world's ecological future.

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Mother Jones

The Most Dangerous Woman in America

Government officials labeled Mother Jones the "most dangerous woman in America" and the "grandmother of all agitators."

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Student gathers hemp from the field.

New Life for an Old Crop

Hemp, which was once illegal to grow in the U.S., is now fair game for research projects with state departments of agriculture.

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Emily Calandrelli against a backdrop of stars.

Explore Outer Space

Emily Calandrelli delves into the mysteries of the universe on TV shows such as "Xploration Outer Space" and "Bill Nye Saves the World."

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Guns, Drugs and Science

Firing pistols and burning drugs. That's another day at the office for WVU Chemistry Professor Suzanne Bell.

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