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Field of Yesterday’s Dreams


A photo of old Mountaineer Field next to Woodburn Hall as seen across the river from Westover.

Photographs Provided by WVU Libraries/West Virginia and Regional History Center

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FOR 55 YEARS, the West Virginia University football team played at old Mountaineer Field behind Woodburn Hall. And for much of that time, these images from a local photographer’s collection have been largely unseen by the Mountaineer faithful.

Local photographer Scott Gibson captured the construction of the stadium in 1924, along with football games and other events held there. Gibson’s relatives donated part of his collection in the 1960s and Mountaineer Field photos this year to the WVULibraries’ West Virginia and Regional History Center. Share your memories of the old field at
Old Mountaineer Field is being dug out with horses and plows. At least one stand is complete.
Mountaineer Field under construction around 1924.
Old Mountaineer Field is under construction with excavators and wooden stands taking shape. A hill of homes and trees is in the background.Mountaineer field is empty with Woodburn Hall off to the side and a hill of homes in the background.
Left, excavators dig out the bowl that will be Mountaineer Field. Right, the field stands empty between 1920 and 1930.
Groups of people stand in circles on Mountaineer Field.
Scott Gibson captured an event in 1926 on what was possibly West Virginia Day, June 20.
                                                                                            Photo of Bill Fahey, the Mountaineer in 1933, stands on Mountaineer Field with a rifle.
Bill Fahey, the Mountaineer mascot in 1933. The University's first official Mountaineer mascot, Lawson Hill, would serve in 1934.
A rally for the United Mine Workers of America Star City chapter is held at Mountaineer Field.
The Star City chapter of the United Mine Workers of America holds an event with John Llewellyn Lewis in attendance. Lewis was president of the UMWA for 40 years from 1920-1960.
WVU attempts a field goal on Mountaineer Field in 1933.
And of course, football took place on the field. Here, WVU attempts a field goal in 1933.