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Episode 7 - Come Home, Daddy

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Katie Haught remembers wishing that daddy would come home. That hope came at a time when she needed the utmost care and support – after a brutal sexual assault at the age of 5. She waited and waited for daddy. He never came home.

Now, more than 20 years have gone by, and the West Virginia Innocence Project, housed within the West Virginia University College of Law, is trying to make that reunion happen.

Katie Haught

Katie Haught (Photos by Raymond Thompson Jr.)

Since 2012, law professor and Innocence Project Director Valena Beety and several of her students have slogged over a case that drastically altered the lives of Haught and her father, Joe Lavigne.

Valena Beety 
Valena Beety 

It's a story of an unknown monster, stolen innocence and gritty perseverance in the West Virginia Kanawha Valley.

Listen to the episode to hear how Beety and her students are fighting to deliver justice for the father-daughter duo.

You can also read our story in the spring 2018 issue of WVU Magazine. Let us know what you think by dropping us a line at

Joe Lavigne
Joe Lavigne